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Searching for Boys Captions for Instagram?


Caption for photos shows your Mood, Attitude and your Feelings and captions are best way to express your feelings. 


I’m pretty sure This article makes you easy to choose best cool boys captions for Instagram.


200+ Boys Captions for Instagram | Captions for Boys 


boys captions


In our article we have shared list of Attitude Captions for Boys. In this list you can choose any captions for your Instagram and Facebook photos.


Attitude Captions for Boys | Boys Attitude Quotes



  • I’m just a vibe you can’t find nowhere else.
  • History is History, My story is Mystery.
  • I am the greatest, I said that even before I was.
  • Weakness of attitude become weakness of character.
  • I’m really nice person, Until you piss me off.
  • Tigers and cats have the same shadow but difference between them is Attitude.
  • I’m beyond your thinking.
  • I am a happy ray of fucking sunshine.
  • Don’t be a slave in heaven. Be a king of hell.
  • Be careful: attitudes are contagious. Make sure that yours is worth catching.
  • You left me hanging, so I’ll leave you guessing.
  • When people ask what I do. I say whatever it takes.
  • In a room full of art you’d still stare at me.
  • Be inspired but don’t copy.
  • He said to be cool but I’m already coolest.
  • No matter how many time I fall, I will still rise.
  • I let my haters be my motivators.
  • If you don’t like my attitude quit talking to me.
  • Love me Love You, Hate me, F**k you.
  • A positive attitude leads to positive outcomes.
  • You’re in the hell little man and I’m the devil.
  • Kill them with kindness.
  • I’m nice and kind until you f**k with my loyalty.
  • I don’t get lucky, I make my own Luck.
  • No one made me, I made me.
  • Dear karma I have list of people you missed.
  • I hate math but I love counting money.


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Good Captions for Boys



  • Judge me when you are perfect.
  • Rules are for sheep.
  • Babe think before ignoring me I’m good at leaving.
  • We born from the Stars, We will die with the Stars.
  • Be a fucking wolf.
  • I’m like Coca-Cola My anger is like Mentos so don’t mix it up.
  • I’m just mirror for you, You’re good, I’m Best. You’re bad, I am worst.
  • Life taught me lessons but I bunked that classes too.
  • Say it to my Face, If you have Balls.
  • May my enemies live long enough to see me succeed.
  • Eagles don’t hangout with chickens.
  • I don’t follow others, I only follow my orders because I am my own boss.
  • You can’t block my blessings.
  • Better to live 1 day as a lion than 100 years as ship.
  • A lion doesn’t turn around when dogs bark.
  • The sky is not the limit.
  • Be the game changer.
  • I don’t need weapon, I’m one.
  • Die with memories, not dreams.
  • My goal is to create a life, I don’t need vacation from.
  • I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at that.
  • Hell is empty all devils are here.
  • Make me angry, I’ll register your death certificate. 
  • The king lives his life by his own rules.
  • Don’t try to fix me, I’m not a toy, I’m a weapon.
  • Single?  Naah! I’m in love with myself.
  • I’m not arguing, I just explaining why I’m right.


Attitude Quotes for Boys | Best Attitude Quotes for Boys



  • Become the best version of yourself.
  • Don’t be one in million, Be a one in million.
  • Love me or hate me I’m still gonna shine.
  • Sun is alone too, but still shines.
  • I’m nice and kind until you fuck my loyalty.
  • I am the hot dude with cool attitude.
  • Sun is alone too, but still shines.
  • Sky above me, Earth below me, Fire within me.
  • I don’t have an attitude!! I have a personality you can’t handle!!
  • Don’t tell the sun to buy a candle.
  • I will win not immediately but definitely.
  • Treat me the way you expect to be treated.
  • The truth is I can’t explain you can’t understand.
  • Be you, the world will adjust.
  • I am not perfect but I am limited edition.
  • I was born without you, I can fucking live without you.


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Cool Captions for Boys | Cool Quotes for Boys


cool quotes for boys


  • I know what I can do, so I never doubt myself.
  • Cheap Chewing-gum and Rubbish people often seem sweet in the beginning.
  • Be better in real life than social media.
  • You claim you don’t like us yet you’re with our every move.
  • Kings aren’t born, They are made by universal hallucination.
  • I love sarcasm It’s like punching people on the face but, with words.
  • The best is self respect, don’t lose it.
  • I haven’t changed. I grew up. Maybe you should give it a try sometime.
  • Let me adjust my crown and get my day started.
  • Hustle until haters ask If you’re hiring.
  • I’m at the stage of my life, I keep myself out of arguments. Even If you tell me 1+1=5 you’re absolutely correct, enjoy.
  • Nowadays I see humans but not humanity.
  • Play smart act like you didn’t notice anything.
  • Silent Moves, Loud Result.
  • Teachers only teach the Rules, But Winners, Winners make the Rules.
  • Trust gets you killed, Love gets you hurt and being real gets you hated.
  • I’m really not cranky. I just have a violent reaction when I meet stupid people.
  • I don’t want to be in a relationship, I would rather be in a Range Rover.
  • Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love the real you.
  • Besides gravity, nothing keeps me down.
  • With fake nails, fake eyebrows, fake hair color, women want real man.
  • I don’t want to survive, I just want to live.
  • You were born to fit in. I was born to stand out.
  • Believe it not most of your friends are secretly hates you.
  • Best graduation degree in life is B.Calm.
  • The more weird you are, the more fun you are.
  • I’m no more following my heart, That bitch gives bad direction.


Cool Attitude Captions for Boys | Cool Instagram Captions for Boys


boys captions


  • Do you know what’d look good on you? Me.
  • Dark past, broken heart, fake smile but I still behave like everything is fine.
  • My life is the mystery but I’m here to create the history.
  • I love my haters, at least they say on my face. 
  • Be so good, they can’t ignore you. 
  • Life is too short to live the same day twice.
  • If you don’t like me, Take a map, take a car drive to hell, Have a nice journey.
  • Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go.
  • I refused to be in rat race.
  • I don’t care if you don’t like me, I was not born to impress you. 
  • Single?  Naah! I’m in love with myself.
  • Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate.
  • Love is rare, Life is strange, Nothing lasts, people change.
  • People say smoking kills but, what about feelings bro.
  • Smile because nobody cares about your tears.
  • You were made an original, don’t die a copy.
  • The best revenge is to improve yourself.
  • Sweet as Sugar Hard as Ice, Hurt me once I’ll kill you twice.
  • Bro, She’s replaceable, you’re not.
  • Pain is always not in Tears, Sometimes It’s in Smile.
  • I may not be perfect, but I’m not fake and I’m proud of it.
  • If you can’t build with me, then don’t chill with me.
  • I’m a strong man because a strong woman raised me.
  • Don’t wear Brand, Be a Brand.
  • Yes I’m single but at least I’m not spending my father’s money on a bitch.
  • Chill, They can copy your notes, not your Intelligence.
  • Don’t flirt with me because If I flirt back you will fall in love alone.
  • Sometimes I want to treat people how they treat me, But I didn’t because It’s out my character.


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Best Caption for Boys


smile quotes


  • Don’t let someone dim your light, simply because it’s shining in their eyes.
  • Do good, Good will come to you.
  • Be the reason of someone’s smile today.
  • Hate is heavy let it go.
  • Happiness is the best revenge.
  • Break in love is the wake up in life.
  • Never beg to be loved.
  • You can’t beat me because I never give up.
  • Life is hard, Naah! You are too weak.
  • Heartbreak is good for your career. 
  • Be the kind of person who inspires others.
  • You mind is weapon, keep it open.
  • Damaged people are strong because they know how to survive. 
  • In life, what you really want will never come easy.
  • We are all bad in someone’s story.
  • The less you reveal, The more you can wonder.
  • Train your mind to be stronger than your body.
  • Happiness is the highest level of success.
  • One wrong move everyone starts judging you.
  • Stay strong, Be brave, Go beyond.
  • You were born to stand out, stop trying to fit in.
  • Stay positive good things will happen.
  • I don’t have time to hate anyone. I either love you, or I don’t care at all.
  • Have you ever met a hater doing better than you? me neither.
  • Some people only hate you because of the way other people love you.
  • Chase the one thing that makes you feel alive.
  • Life is a lesson, you will learn it when you’re through.
  • I’m too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener.


Boys Quotes | Cool Boys Quotes



  • Jealousy is a terrible disease. Get well soon.
  • Attitude is like a wristwatch. Every watch shows different time than other and everyone thinks his watch is showing the right time.
  • No Money, No Friends, No Respect only Me and My Dreams.
  • Some People tell you but don’t love you, Some people love you but don’t tell you.
  • Work until one day your signature will be called an autograph.
  • It’s funny how people judge other’s mistakes while they also do the same thing.
  • Be as picky with men, as you are with selfies.
  • Always aim to be number one.
  • Maturity comes with experience not age.
  • Having no one is powerful it makes you need yourself.
  • Once you realized your worth, nothing can stop you.
  • When you know your worth, no can make you worthless.
  • No matter how you feel, Get up, Dress up, Show up and Never give up.
  • Falling down is an accident, Staying down is a choice.
  • A real king doesn’t think what he can take, rather what he can give.
  • Life is your school, The universe is your teacher, Today is your class, The moment is your test.
  • The biggest kick to your enemies your success.
  • Just because I walk alone doesn’t mean I’m lost.
  • Respect your haters they are the only one who think your are the best.
  • You can’t win in your life If you losing in your mind.
  • Train your mind to see good in everything.
  • Change what you say and you’ll change what you see.
  • Don’t limit yourself to boundaries.
  • Stop trying to please others, You’ll get hurt without knowing.
  • If you don’t like where you are, Move. You are not a tree.
  • I don’t know how I’m going to win, I just know I’m not going to lose.
  • What comes easy won’t last, What lasts won’t come easy.


Motivational Quotes for Boys 



  • Burn your bad Habits, before they burn you.
  • Sometimes alone is the best place to be.
  • Honesty is an expensive gift,so don’t expect it from cheap people.
  • I’ll not erase my hard work, just because it’s a weekend.
  • If you are in the way of my Goals & Dreams, I suggest you move.
  • Faith find all in the heart.
  • If I fall I raise back up, If I fail try again.
  • I don’t to be liked, I just want to be respected.
  • You are the CEO of your life.
  • The less you care, the more they care.
  • The most powerful motivation is rejection.
  • When money talks, nobody care about what kind of grammars it uses.
  • Don’t limit is your challenges, challenges are your limits. 
  • Once you become fearless, Life become limitless.
  • Burn the past, turn the page move on.
  • Skills are cheap, Passion is priceless.
  • Loyalty isn’t word, It’s a Lifestyle. 
  • Until you spread your wings, you have idea how far you can fly.
  • Don’t blame distractions, Improve your focus.
  • Be addicted to your passion instead of addiction.
  • They come, they teach, they go, the cycle of fake things.
  • Direction is more important than the speed.


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