100+ Russian Nicknames (with meanings)

100+ Russian Nicknames (with meanings)


Are you searching for Russian Nicknames?


nicknames are used to be call your loved one, friend, siblings. pet names shows how much you love them. you can use many nicknames to call your loved one. 


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When you come to choose nicknames in Russian language, it’s gets kind of difficult. but now that’s going to be easy because we have shared list of cute Russian nicknames to call your loved one. 


You can also use these nicknames as contact names. 


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Cute Russian Nicknames 


  • Avrora (Aurora) – Aurora referred as beautiful lights. 
  • Shef-povar (Chef) – for that girl who cooks very tasty.
  • Milashka (Cutie) – for very attractive girl.
  • Krasota (Beauty) – for beautiful woman .
  • Sladkaya vishnya (Sweet cherry) – for that girl/boy who’s sweet as cherry. 
  • Tochka (Dot) – cute nickname for short girl.
  • Zhelaniye (Desire) – for them who has very strong desire.
  • Krolik (Bunny) – nickname for soft personality girl/boy.
  • Kukla (Doll) – for that cute girl who has small height. 
  • Shokolad (Chocolate) – for that girl who’s sweet as chocolate. 
  • Moya lyubov (My Love) – for them who has personal attachment with you.
  • Plamya (Flame) – nickname for hot and gorgeous girl. 
  • Dorogaya (Dear) – for them who is very close to you.
  • Moya koroleva (My Queen) – best nickname for beautiful and attractive girl.
  • Moye serdtse (My Heart) – for that girl/boy who’s very close to your heart.
  • Melodiya  (Melody) – for that girl who has great melodious voice. 
  • Chashka tort (Cup Cake) – cute pet name for special person. 
  • Goryachiy pirog (Hot Cake) – for that girl/boy who looks very delicious. 
  • Smelaya devushka (Brave Girl) – best nickname for very daring and fearless girl. 
  • Ambitsioznyy (Ambitious) – for that girl/boy who thinks bigger in their life.
  • Gurman (Foodie) – for that girl/boy who likes food most.
  • Milaya devushka (Pretty Girl) – for very beautiful and attractive girl. 
  • Tigritsa (Tigress) – best nickname for brave girl. 
  • Konfety (Candy) – nickname for stunning and beautiful girl. 
  • Koroleva krasoty (Beauty Queen) – Cute nickname for most beautiful girl. 
  • Devushka mechty (Dream Girl) – for that beautiful girl, you spend all time thinking about her. 
  • Sokrovishche (Treasure) – for that girl/boy who brings lots success into your life. 
  • Koroleva (Queen) – for most beautiful and adorable girl.
  • Printsessa (Princess) – nickname for most beautiful and attractive girl. 
  • Solnechnyy svet (Sunshine) – for that girl/boy who brings happiness in your life.
  • Dorogoy (Darling) – A Romantic nickname for girl/boy.
  • Schast’ye (Happiness) – for that person who is the reason of your happiness. 
  • Yabloko (Apple) – for that girl who focus on emotions. 
  • Prekrasnyy (Lovely) – nickname for beautiful and desirable girl. 
  • Klubnika (Strawberry) – for sweetest girl like strawberry. 
  • Ledenets (Lollipop) – sweet nickname for girlfriend. 
  • Vozlyublennaya (Sweetheart) – A particular person who is close to your heart. 
  • Sladost (Sweetness) – nickname for cool and awesome girl.
  • Rebenok (Child) – nickname for that person who behaves like child.
  • Babochka (Butterfly) – For A girl who represents Endurance and Hope.
  • Moy narkotik (My Drug) – when you madly addicted with their love
  • Zavisimost’ (Addiction) – when you can’t leave without her/him. 


cute russian nicknames


  • Zvezda (Star) – for that person who brights like star. 
  • Kosmos (Space) – for that girl who like space and stars. 
  • Chernyye glaza (Black eyes) – for a girl/boy who has beautiful blue eyes.
  • Tort s maslom (Butter cake) – nickname for creamy and delicious girl. 
  • Tykva (Pumpkin) – for most adorable girl. 
  • Sochnyy (Juicy) – for a person who is extremely attractive and highly beautiful.
  • Sotsial’noye (Social) – social nickname refers to leader and responsible girl/boy.
  • Obol’shcheniye (Seduction) – A girl/boy who has magnetic power to attract you. 
  • Chizkeyk (Cheesecake) – for soft hearted adorable girl.
  • Smeshnoy (Funny) – nickname for most funny person. 
  • Dragotsennyy (Precious) – for that person who is unique and sweet. 
  • Roza (Rose) – nickname for talented girl who has great sense of humor. 
  • Mikro (Micro) –  Best nickname for short height girl. 
  • Banan (Banana) – Nickname for crybaby.
  • Rostok (Sprout) – For a girl who make things better.
  • Chempion (Champion) – for that person who keeps all things in under control. 
  • Tyul’pan (Tulip) – exotic flower, special kind of girl who is cheerful.
  • Kanareyka (Canary) – for a girl/boy who is very good singer. 
  • Moye vse (My All) – cute nickname for love of your life.
  • Sakhar (Sugar) – nickname for very sweet person. 
  • Schastlivyy sharm (Lucky Charm) – for a girl who brings luck into your life.
  • Keks (Cup Cake) – nicknames for sweet and adorable boy/girl.
  • Khrabroye serdtse (Brave Heart) – Cute nickname for Brave boy/girl.
  • Golubka (Dove) – Best nickname for Kind hearted boy/girl
  • Yarkiye glaza (Bright Eyes) – Girl with beautiful and shining eyes. 
  • Pechen’ye (Cookie) – cute nickname for sweet boy/girl.
  • Uverennost (Confidence) – for a person who have ability to do anything. 
  • Boss (Boss) – for that Boy/Girl who loves take charge.
  • Genial’nost (Genious) – for brilliant and Intelligent boy/girl.
  • Krolik (Rabbit) – for a cute and adorable person. 
  • Al’fa (Alpha) – for fearless leader of the pack.
  • Merkantil’nyy (Shoppy) – for girl who do most shopping. 
  • Chernika (Blueberry)  – for a cute girl who keeps your focused. 
  • Schastlivyy (Happy face) –  for that guy who’s always in happy mood.
  • Ditya (Kid) –  for that boy/girl who acts like child.
  • Zoloto (Gold) – cute nickname for Precious boy/girl.
  • Lyubov (Amor) –  A Portuguese nickname which mean “love”.
  • Konfetka (Sweety) – for a girl who behaves like a child. 
  • Vostorg (Delight) – for funny, loving and caring girl. 
  • Kitti (Kitten) –  nickname for sweet boy/girl.
  • Krasivaya (Beautiful)  – nickname most cute and beautiful girl.
  • Torty (Cakes) –  for sweet and adorable boy/girl.
  • Med (Honey) – cute person with sweet and delightful personality. 
  • Siniy (Blue) – for that Boy/Girl who brings clarity into your life.
  • Sladkiy kotenok (Sweet Kitten) – nickname for young cute girl. 
  • Shchenok (Puppy) –  Sweet nickname for cute and adorable boy/girl.
  • Yedinorog (Unicorn) – A girl so full of perfection that it is unreal.
  • Yagoda (Berry) – for a small and pulpy girl.
  • Boginya (Goddess) – simply beautiful and brilliant girl. 
  • Arakhis (Peanut) – for a cute person who shows affection. 
  • Diva (Diva) – for a girl who behave like goddess. 


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